Santa Claus, astronaut, race car driver, commercial pilot, professional boxer, hedge fund manager, professional gamer, startup CEO, software engineer, a manager, a leader, happy.

Those are all things I wanted to be growing up. I’m sure your list is also as confusing as mine, but an important pattern for me is how I started with fairly specific goals and as I progressed further in my career, they started to generalize. I realized that what I wanted to be now hadn’t changed from when I wanted to be Santa Claus. I just wanted to be happy.

Of course, happiness is truly…

My previous company recently finished the majority of another quinquennial re-platform of our web applications. I joined at the tail end of the first one and I naively expected this one to go as smoothly as I had imagined.

Oh boy, was I in for a ride.

If you’re familiar with the wheel of time that plays itself over and over again in the tech industry, you know you can usually expect a major re-platform every 5 years. Most of this is attributed to how fast technologies are forming and changing. It’s become so easy to pick up a language…

Among the many assumptions we had before fully ramping up on our recent projects, we understandably, though regrettably, took for granted the ability to work together. With a global pandemic and organization-wide remote work mandate, not only did we take on the ambitious projects, but we also did so without the benefit of working face to face. Although the organization as a whole adapted quickly, the bigger challenge was rethinking our workflows at the bottom line of our workforce.

When engineering teams shifted to working fully remotely, it seemed the only change was an increase in Slack and Zoom usage…

A joke from Twitter about testing
A joke from Twitter about testing

What it means to be a QA engineer

The quality assurance (QA) role in the context of software engineering evolved quite drastically since the boom of consumer applications.

In its core sense, QA engineers provide some form of confidence in the software as it evolves. In its simplest sense, this means manually testing the software to ensure no regression issues are found. As software continued to evolve from something as simple as a command line tool to multi-billion dollar ecosystems, so did the role of the QA engineer.

Even with the birth of automated testing, there were still large gaps to fill with manual testing as the automated…

The teammates you want

When I got around to reading the New York Times bestseller “Getting the love you want”, my motivation was to strengthen my personal relationship. As I read the first few chapters, I realized that the tidbits of information could also enlighten my relationships with my coworkers. Had I read this book thirty years from now, everything the author had to share might have seemed common sense, but I most likely would have made the same mistakes that could have been avoided. …

I’ve been working at Walmart Labs for a little over 2 years and I’m happy to say that Walmart’s digital transformation is really paying off. Here are a few reasons why I love Walmart Labs.

Opportunities to shape the product at every step

Opportunities to be impactful is the number one reason why I love working at Walmart Labs. There is a common misconception that the larger a tech company is, the less impact you’ll be able to make. …

For most websites nowadays, images are the primary bottlenecks to site performance.

Especially for eCommerce websites, images make up the majority of the page content and tend to be large in size, usually totaling to multiple megabytes of image data over the network per page.

Take, for example, the home department landing page at Walmart Labs:

Joon Park

Sr Engineering Manager @ Target Tech

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